Panel on "Other Entertainments of the Eighteenth-Century Theater", November 6-8, University of Delaware--Deadline June 15, 2014

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EC/ASECS (East Central American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies)
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This panel looks beyond the play itself to explore the many other entertainments of the Restoration and eighteenth-century theater – dance, song, farce, pantomime, epilogue, etc. Presentations might analyze these other entertainments in their own right, or consider how they work with one another and with the main entertainment to create the full experience of going to the theater. And of course there were a number of pleasures in the playhouse beyond the scheduled entertainment--as Frances Burney's Mr. Lovell says, "one merely comes to meet one's friends, and shew that one's alive." So, another fruitful topic of discussion might be the entertainment of seeing and being seen, and the various causes of audience inattention to the players.

Some suggestions for topics include:
• Afterpieces (pantomimes, farces, masques)
• Entr'acte entertainments (juggling, dancing, singing, music)
• Prologues and epilogues
• The physical and social space of the theater
• Other things to do and watch at the playhouse (riots, tête-à-têtes, chance encounters,
hissing and cheering, on-the-spot critique...)
• Accounts of theatrical experience from letters, journals, periodicals, newspapers, novels

Please send your 250 word abstract to Kate Novotny at no later than June 15, 2014.