Full STEAM Ahead--Atlantic Center for Learning Communities Curriculum Planning Retreat Oct. 22-24, 2014; Proposals by July 1

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Terry Novak/Atlantic Center for Learning Communities

The 14th annual Atlantic Center for Learning Communities Curriculum Planning Retreat will be held October 22-24, 2014 at Holy Family Passionist Retreat Center in West Hartford, CT. We are seeking proposals for workshops that fall within the general theme of "Full STEAM Ahead!" We especially invite proposals that envision the continued evolution of learning communities, with a special focus on the integration of the Arts and STEM disciplines. ACLC Retreat workshops are designed to be interactive, with the goal of providing workshop participants with practical applications based on solid learning community research and principles. Workshops, or learning exchanges, are offered in a block of 75 minutes and may take one of two forms:

A. An in-depth, hands-on training topic facilitated by an individual, partners or small team.
B. An interactive collaboration among colleagues from different institutions who are focusing on the same topic while sharing strategies from their separate programs/institutions. Preference will be given to proposals of this type.

We especially welcome proposals on the following topics:

 STEAM-related learning communities and initiatives
 The continuing evolution of learning communities
 Innovations in learning communities
 Sustaining and/or cultivating learning community work amidst changing campus cultures
 Cultivating community on and off campus
 Integrating learning in and out of the classroom
 Creating faculty community
 Assessment of learning communities
 Community beyond the learning community: How do we continue to foster community post-LC? How does the institution foster communities? What are the constraints?
 Peer learning, leading, and advising—the use of upper-level students in creating community
 Upper division learning communities
 Diversity and inclusion in learning communities

Please send your150-word proposal electronically to BOTH Brad Hollingshead at bhollingshead@flsouthern.edu AND Terry Novak at tnovak@jwu.edu. Please include your institutional affiliation(s) and contact information for all facilitators in your email. The deadline for proposal submissions is Tuesday, July 1, 2014. More information about the Atlantic Center for Learning Communities and the 2014 Curriculum Planning Retreat can be found at www.wagner.edu/aclc.

Open call for posters: Attendees are encouraged to bring posters to share their work – examples of course clusters, student assignments, assessment projects, etc. – during the Wednesday evening reception. You do not need to submit a proposal for posters.