Hidden Pleasures, Hidden Sex (Conference panel for EC/ASECS 2014, due by June 15)

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Jade Higa/Duquesne University
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This panel seeks submission on the subject of sexuality in the eighteenth-century. Society's relationship to erotic pleasure was becoming more visible as bodies began mixing in a variety of public spaces—the theater, the literary world, art and material culture, and even the work force are just a few examples. However, deviant sexual behavior had a complex relationship with the public. It was openly explored in "safe" spaces like early eighteenth-century masquerades, but those spaces are only assumed safe because identities are hidden. Thus, this panel is looking to explore the diverse intersections between the themes of hiddenness and sexual or erotic pleasure in eighteenth century literature and culture. Subjects may include but are not limited to: queer studies, sexuality studies, gender studies, gossip and celebrity studies, cross-dressing, the theater, the erotic pleasures of authorship, the erotic pleasures of reading, and homoerotic friendships. Submit abstracts to Jade Higa (Duquesne University) at higaj@duq.edu by June 15, 2014.

This panel will be part of the EC/ASECS conference, which will take place at the University of Delaware on November 6-8, 2014 (more info here: http://www.ec-asecs.org/2014-conference.html).