Intersections of Sustainability and Human Rights

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South Atlantic Modern Languages Association (SAMLA) 2014
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Drawing from Raymond Williams's assertion that "the idea of nature contains, though often unnoticed, an extraordinary amount of human history," we seek to explore how problems of human rights are manifest within environmental problems and proposed solutions. What do problems that arise at the intersection of sustainability and human rights elucidate about the inclusionary politics (including, but not limited to race, class, and gender) of these respective social movements? We welcome papers that consider the overlaps between these two movements and the politics involved in each. Possible topics of investigation include vulnerability studies, fair trade and labor movements, and resource wars. By June 15, 2014, please submit a one-page abstract, a brief bio, and A/V requirements to Stephanie Pridgeon, Emory University, at and Michelle Hulme-Lippert, Emory University, at