Waves of change : women and American education in the South in the 1960s

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Much has been studied about the major role played by women during the Civil Rights Movement but few have developed the place of education in the struggle for women's equality in the South after 1965. Indeed, most scholarship to this date has focused on the North, often disregarding the role women had in building the women's movement in the South, where the Civil Rights movement had emerged in the preceding decade.
This panel welcomes papers about the role of women in helping to change American society in the 1960s. If the women's liberation movement started in the North, what was the role of southern women in this movement and especially in the desegregation of the educational system?
How did black and white southern women contribute to make a sustainable change in the region in the educational system of the second half of the 1960s ?
Historical perpectives will be especially considered. Topics including the role of women in changing education, in connection to the Civil Rights Movement, the Black Power Movement and the beginning of the women's liberation movement, will be particulary welcomed. Topics may also relate to gender/ class/ race/ generational issues in education.

By June 15, please send a 250-word abstract, A/V requirements, as well as a brief bio to Hélène Goarzin, Georgia State University, hgoarzin@gsu.edu.