Interactions in the History of Philosophy

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PHILHIST'14: History of Philosophy Conference

Interactions in the History of Philosophy
Philosophy can be described as an interaction center of an infinite number of dynamics that progressed and differentiated by affecting each other throughout the history. Although the history of philosophy examines philosophers, texts and periods individually, it has also been the history of interactions, i.e. affecting and being affected. The historical and multifaceted identity of the philosophy was also shaped by the correlations in between the philosophy to other disciplines as well as among the philosophers, themselves.
All types of interaction (interactions in between different regions and lands, unexpected historical links, contact of individuals or even the concept of inter - textuality itself) can be defined as one of the central sources for the history of philosophy.
On a heterogeneous basis full of conflict and complementation, every idea causes reaction and every idea transforms itself by transforming another one. A re-evaluation of history of philosophy seems to be exciting with an interdisciplinary point of view in both partial and large scales.
PHILHIST '14 History of Philosophy Conference, aims to re-reading of philosophical texts around the historical mechanisms of interaction and will take place on October 30 - November 1. Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University will host the event under technical responsibility of DAKAM.
Conference Venue: Sedad Hakkı Eldem Oditorium, Fındıklı Campus, MSFAU