CFP: The Militant Image in Global Cinema: Histories and Afterlives

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Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS)
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CFP: The Militant Image in Global Cinema: Histories and Afterlives

In the January 2011 special issue of Third Text, the editors ask how
the militant image is to be understood in the contemporary moment.
They juxtapose the concept of the militant image - drawn primarily
from its formulation in Third Cinema and the Tricontinental movement -
with the term cine-geography. The editors posit cine-geography as
"situated cinecultural practices in an expanded sense, and
the connections – individual, institutional, aesthetic and political –
that link them transnationally to other situations of urgent
struggle." Cine-geography includes modes of
circulation, types of discursive platforms, and "the afterlives of the
militant image, the digital platforms, formats, applications, files,
torrents and burns through which it continues to circulate as a
fourth-, fifth- and sixth-generation travelling image..." This panel
seeks papers that elaborate a concept of the militant image in relation to Middle Eastern and North African cinema within contemporary global
cinema. How does contemporary moving image media engage the rich
history of counter-cinema from the 1960s and 70s? What can an analysis
of the militant image across geo-political sites contribute to the
discipline of cinema and media studies? How do the concepts of the
militant image and cine-geography engage a postcolonial critique of
film and media? What becomes of the militant image, or political film more broadly, in the contemporary context of late capital? Are there new modes of production, distribution, and exhibition that are needed to mobilize a role for the militant image today? We invite papers that focus these or other questions in relation to cinema from the Middle East and North Africa.

Send paper proposals of no more than 300 words, along with your institutional affiliation and email address to s.saljoughi (at) gmail (dot) com and deristea (at) gmail (dot) com by July 5, 2014.

This panel is sponsored by the Middle East Caucus.

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