Poetry/the word: Choices, Forms, and Sensibilities April 30-May3,2015

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Eugene Grren/NEMLA
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This panel seeks papers for the NEMLA conference, Toronto, April 30- May 3 2015 that show how arrangements of words contribute to poetic forms and sensibilities. Lexical arrangements include, say, words paired together, compounds, similes, and metaphors. Sensibilities, evocative of worlds imagined within and elsewhere, may characterize the work of a poet, a period, or cultural differences.
The overall theses invited, then, involve exploring in British or American poetry the interplay between lexical choices and patterns, poetic forms, and evocative sensibilities. Panels chairs Eugene Green and Carol Kountz. . Please submit your abstract by September 30 to nemla.org/convention/2015/cfp.html#cfp15063