MMM 20th Anniversary: Community or Chaos?

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Itibari M Zulu/The Journal of Pan African Studies
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On October 16, 1995, over 1.18 million people attended the Million Man March (MMM) in Washington, D.C. to promote unity in the African American and African world community with a specific focus on the development of Black men in the U.S., and a general assessment of the social, economic and political plight of the Black community. Not absent from criticism (John R. Lewis, Mary Frances Berry, etc.), the MMM, its chief organizers (Minister Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr., etc.) and organizations (the Nation of Islam, the National African American Leadership Summit, etc.) managed to host an historic grass-roots centered event that is said to be responsible for the registration of 1.7 million more African American men to vote. Considering this moment in history, The Journal of Pan African Studies ( will host a special issue on the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March. The issue will be edited by The Journal of Pan African Studies (JPAS) senior editor and MMM/DOA attendee Itibari M. Zulu.

The non-exhaustive relevant topics sought for this special issue include:

• Black Press and the MMM
• MMM/DOA Mission Statement
• Religions in the Black Community
• Gender Politics Pre and Post MMM
• Black Leadership Paradox in America
• African World Agenda: Myth or Reality
• Marching After the March: Substance or Style
• The MMM: Towards Bibliographic Assessment
• Grassroots Organizing or Grandstanding on the Plantation
• Comparative Examination: March on Washington and the MMM

All submitted articles should have: an introduction, literature review, a methodological construct, a discussion segment, a conclusion, and suggested steps for further research that can intellectually engage scholars, students, activist and others (interviews and art on the topic are also welcomed). For specific guidelines for submitting a manuscript see: Respond to this call by sending an abstract with "MMM Abstract" in the subject line to by February 20, 2015. Notices of acceptance will be issued on April 24, 2015. The issue will be published in September 2015.