Mobilities: INCS 2015, Atlanta, GA April 16-19, 2015

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Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies (INCS)

The nineteenth century has long been understood as an era of industrial growth, scientific discovery, technological innovation, and imperial expansion. Such sweeping global transformations relied on a complex web of relations between humans and machines, individuals and systems, ideas and practices, as well as more efficient and frequent movement across increasingly connected networks of space. From railroad travel to advances in shipping, from the movement of immigrants, enslaved laborers, scientists and colonial settlers, to the circulation of ideas, bodies, and/as commodities, nineteenth-century mobilities challenged and reconfigured the very constitution of subjects, nations, and cultures across the globe. We seek papers that investigate the various mobilities and exchanges of the nineteenth century. What did it mean to be mobile (or immobile) in this period? How were political, scientific, and cultural ideas exchanged in new ways? How did people maintain and create new networks and affiliations? How might notions of a more mobile sense of nature, the world, and the self influence our understanding of this era? Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

Mapping, geographies, travel Exile, migration, borders
Transportation and communication networks
Information, collection, and data
Communities, networks, and alliances Germs, diseases, contagion
Mobile/immobile bodies
Prosthetics, physical culture
The body as a circulatory system Medical and scientific networks
Imperialism, warfare, journalism Circulating texts, sensation fiction
The press, publishing, mobility and digitization Cities, networks of industry
Education, circulating knowledge Teaching the nineteenth century
Visual culture, mobility and cinema, photography Neo-Victorian culture, steampunk
Digital culture/revisiting the nineteenth century Spiritualism, mediums, religion
Mobile knowledge/disciplines and institutions
Race, immigration, diasporic mobility
Gender and mobility: the New Woman, feminism
Professional and class mobility
Mobile sexualities/underground networks Evolution/degeneration
Cycles of nature/natural history and mobility Science fiction/time travel/futures
Imaginary spaces/architectural sites Domesticity/rootedness/rituals

Deadline: November 15, 2014. For individual papers, send 250-word proposals; for panels, send individual proposals plus a 250-word panel description. Please include a one-page cv with your name, affiliation, and email address. Proposals that are interdisciplinary in method or panels that involve multiple disciplines are especially welcome. Send questions and proposals to or