Trans-Humanities (Ewha Woman's University, Korea)

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Trans-Humanities/ Ewha Institute for the Humanities

Trans-Humanities is an academic journal for envisioning the new horizon of the humanities. The journal is published by Ewha Institute for the Humanities (EIH) which performs the Humanities Korea (HK) project since 2007 with its agenda "Trans-Humanities: Reimagining and Reconstructing the Human Sciences." Trans-Humanities aims to contribute to the recognizing and understanding of the humanities in practical ways by discussing them in terms of them as means of newly forming, transforming, and creating knowledge that transcends the rigid boundaries of such categories as region, race, gender, capital, language and culture. The following main fields of study for Trans-Humanities move toward transgressing and transcending multiple boundaries according to trans-cultural transformation: modern and trans-modern knowledge, the speciality of East Asian knowledge, knowledge discourse and representation, the performativity of the subject of knowledge, the digitalization of media and transformation of knowledge, and comparative literature and translation theory studies.
Note to Contributors:
Editors invite contributions which are written in English and have not been published or submitted to other journals. Submit the original manuscript through e-mail [], typed in double-space throughout. Submission must be no later than November 30th for the February issue, and June 30th for the October issue.

$1,000 (or ₩1,000,000) will be provided for the published paper.