NeMLA 2015: Imposture and Self-Making in American Literature, 1850-1950

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Lara Hubel and Min Young Kim / SUNY at Buffalo

U.S. literature and culture, at least since Franklin, have been perpetually preoccupied with mythologies of both the self-made man and confidence-man. What accounts for this preoccupation, and where do the two identifications of these 'men' intersect or blur? Further, why are they 'men,' and how do women and people of color fit into these categories? This panel seeks papers that investigate these connections, depicted both in literature and periodical publications of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, with a goal to solicit new inquiry into discussions of U.S. imposture and self-making, including but not limited to discussions of self-making within passing, gender imposture, and criminal imposture in American culture.

Abstract Submission: Abstracts are due by September 30, 2014. Please use the following link to submit abstracts: If you have any questions, please contact Lara Hubel or Min Young Kim.