A Study of the Setting of the English Narratives Based on Vico's Stage Theory

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Vahid Tabatabaian
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The present essay aims to study the features and alterations of the settings in English narrations based on Vico's Stage Theory. Vico the Italian, 17th century philosopher believes that pattern of social development in every culture takes three cyclic stages: Age of Gods, Age of Heroes and Age of men. Then that civilization turns back to the first stage (re-cycling pattern). The central question raised in this essay is whether the settings of the narrations have had any special features in any stages and whether they have burdened any alterations during the time according to Vico's Stage Theory. In order to get the answer, the writer has scrutinized the settings of four well-known narrations, belonging to different ages of English literature. The method is describing most of the settings of main scenes. The result which has been achieved is that there is a shrinkage in extent and a re-cycling in the pattern of the settings of literary narratives and this exactly verifies Vico's Stage Theory.