[UPDATE] Geographies of Home in Ethnic American Women's Literature. NEMLA conference

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Jami Carlacio
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Geographies of Home in Ethnic American Women's Literature
NEMLA conference, Apr 30- May 3, 2015

From Louise Erdrich's Love Medicine to Gloria AnzaldĂșa's Borderlands/La Frontera to Toni Morrison's Home, symbolic representations of "home" mediate between the individual and the various geographies of home, both physical and metaphysical. How do literary works employ the tropes of location and dislocation, of belonging and exile, of inside(r) and outside(r), to highlight the complex relationship we have to the "place" that shapes our identities and destinies? We seek papers from any theoretical or critical perspective that interrogate the notion of home and belonging in gendered, aesthetic, political, and/or social dimensions in contemporary ethnic American women's literature. Send abstracts of 250 words to Jami Carlacio, by logging into or creating an account at nemla.org. Once on the site, search for session id: 15461

Deadline for abstracts: Sept. 30, 2014

Link to session submission: https://nemla.org/convention/2015/cfp.html#cfp15461