Kalamazoo 2015 -- Medieval Texts and Digital Environments: New Directions, Old Problems

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Society for Early English and Norse Electronic Texts / Piers Plowman Electronic Archive
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50th International Congress on Medieval Studies
14-17 May, 2015

The proliferation of digital and digitized editions of medieval texts available online poses new questions about the forms, uses, and scholarly objectives of critical texts and textual archives. For this session at Kalamazoo, we invite scholars and editors engaged in digital text projects to discuss new work in any of the following areas: editorial theory and practice in digital environments; intellectual, technical, and institutional challenges posed by born-digital textual projects (along with proposed solutions); and interpretive work on medieval literature that is made possible by the availability of digital text corpora.

Please send proposal abstracts to Jim Knowles (jrknowle@ncsu.edu) by September 15, 2014.