"Inventing Evangelicalism" for SEA 2015 (Chicago)

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Society of Early Americanists/Omohundro Institute

This is a panel on early evangelicalism as an innovative religious and cultural movement within the mid-eighteenth-century transatlantic world. Many evangelical doctrines and practices have come to assume the status of "orthodoxy" in the 250 years since their introduction, but the controversy they generated, starting in the 1730s and 1740s, suggests that many observers saw in evangelicalism a significant break from Christian tradition. In areas like historical consciousness, theory of interpretation, conversion, epistemology, political theology, and others, early evangelicals articulated new religious ideas they sought to pass off as recoveries of ancient doctrines and practices.

Submit paper proposals that explore innovative aspects of early evangelicalism, along with brief, one-page CV, to Wilson Brissett at wilson.brissett@usafa.edu. Deadline 7 September 2014.