Cross Cultural Charlemagne in the Middle Ages

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Jace Stuckey Marymount University
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Cross Cultural Charlemagne in the Middle Ages

This proposed collection of essays focuses on the figure of Charlemagne in diverse media throughout the Middle Ages, from the time of his life to his afterlives in art, history, law, literature, and myth throughout the medieval period.

There are few historical figures in the Middle Ages that cast a larger shadow than Charlemagne. Arguably, no leader, not even the illustrious King Arthur, was able to achieve the far-reaching, continent-wide appeal and popularity of Charlemagne. As such, for scholars, the possibilities for analysis have been virtually boundless and have produced many important studies on Charlemagne. However, this has also often resulted in the field of Charlemagne studies being somewhat disconnected. So often, Charlemagne studies focus on his era or immediately after, and scholars who work on later texts don't always go backwards and look at Charlemagne's actual context.

The history and relevance of Charlemagne does not just belong to his lifetime in the Carolingian era. Nor can it simply be relegated to the realm of myth and legend of overzealous writers of the post-Carolingian medieval world. Instead, the figure of Charlemagne is much larger phenomenon that requires a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary approach to evaluating how medieval culture used the legend and understood the place of the great king and emperor from Charlemagne's lifetime, as well as how he figures into medieval culture in later centuries. This volume seeks to connect these aspects of Charlemagne's life and legend in all their incarnations, and tie together threads that are often left un-gathered.

This volume is under consideration by Brill publishing for the series Explorations in Medieval Culture.

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