Anthology of essays on Hamlet

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The Early Modern Project

This is a call for an anthology of essays on Hamlet.

Topics may include the following:

• Hamlet and paganism, including Wicca.
• Hamlet and Christian theologies.
• Hamlet and Hinduism, including Vedanta.
• Hamlet and spirituality.
• Hamlet and cosmologies.

Abstracts are due by the 15th of September, 2014. Selected papers will be due by January, 2015. This is a hard deadline. Please query first with a brief introduction, letting the editors know your relevant expertise in Shakespeare Studies and religious studies. All essays and entries should be in MLA style. Endnotes, therefore, are to be generally avoided. Further, authors need to submit urls in contravention to MLA guidelines. After checking for plagiarism by the editors, the urls will have to be removed by the authors. All bibliographic material will be checked for plagiarism (or their existence). Contributors may be asked to provide scanned images of portions of the texts mentioned in the bibliographic data.Contributors whose abstracts are accepted will be recommended the textual edition of Hamlet for the purpose of this anthology.
The book will be published by a well-known publisher after blind peer-review and subsequent editing.
Submission of completed work presumes that the work is not under consideration elsewhere. Kindly query with your designation; tenure status and brief CV.