Bilingual England: Englishing Linguistic Others (ICMS Kalamazoo, May 14-17, 2015)

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Elizabeth Watkins / Canadian Society of Medievalists

Bilingual England: Englishing Linguistic Others
50th International Congress on Medieval Studies, May 14-17, 2015

Sponsor: Canadian Society of Medievalists
Organizers: Elizabeth Watkins (University of Toronto) and Stephanie Morley (St. Mary's University)

For this session, we are interested in furthering conversations about the phenomenon of bilingualism and its status and function in medieval England. Past incarnations of the Bilingual England session have concentrated on the unique and complex relationship between French and English in an insular context, but this year, we aim to invite discussions of the multilingual nature of England in its myriad forms. Interrelationships between English and Latin, Welsh, Cornish or Norse, we believe, will be a welcome expansion to the strand on Bilingual England, as well as explorations of the privileged relationship of Italian and French literary traditions on the literary life of English. Papers may address inter-linguistic textual contacts with a focus on manuscript studies and books as objects and paths of transmission; or examine broader aspects of the multilingual landscape of medieval England by offering comparative analyses between two linguistic cultures and transfer across diverse genres and media. Considering English among its variety of medieval linguistic partners will do much to illuminate new ways of thinking about translation, communication, genre and difference and the work that they do in the production of medieval England and its English.

Please send abstracts of around 250 words and participant information forms ( to Elizabeth Watkins ( by September 15, 2014.