"Representing Afghanistan" - NeMLA Panel, 30 April-3 May, Toronto 2015

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Alla Ivanchikova/NeMLA
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This seminar is designed to bring together scholars whose work examines representations of Afghanistan in literature, non-fiction, film, and new media published in the aftermath of 9/11 and the subsequent U.S. invasion. Works on genre, methodology, as well as papers on individual authors are welcome. Participants interested in interdisciplinary approaches and new media analysis are also encouraged to apply. Potential topics include:

*Operating Enduring Freedom and its representations
*Afghanistan in the global novel
*Teaching Afghanistan in the aftermath of 9/11
*Afghanistan in children's literature
*Rescue narratives and therapeutic cultures
*Afghan wars and cinematic representations
*Literary cartographies of Kabul
*Cartographies of dissent and cartographies of violence
*Representing trauma
*Gendered violence
*The war blog: soldier-bloggers and veteran-bloggers
*Gaming culture and Afghanistan
*Coming home from the war: Afghan veteran writing and art
*Echoes of the Cold War: representing the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan

Please submit 350-500 word abstracts directly through NeMLA's portal by 30 September 2014.

In order to submit an abstract, you must register online with NeMLA. Signing up is free, and you only have to do it once.