Heavy Metal at the Movies (New Orleans, 1-4 April 2015)

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Popular Culture Association
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Seminar Proposal for Popular Culture Association annual meeting, 1-4 April 2015, New Orleans

Heavy Metal studies has seen a surge over the past years and is increasingly branching out into various interdisciplinary sub-fields. So far, little research has been done on how heavy metal culture relates to cinema. For this seminar at PCA, papers are sought that address, amongst others, the following issues:

* how heavy metal is (ab)used in feature films

* how documentary films create, expand, and discuss a sense of group identity

* how cinematic traditions are used in heavy metal culture.

Papers on individual films, metal (sub)genres or individual bands are all welcome, as are more theoretical musings on the interrelationship between cinema and metal.

Please send 300-word abstracts by 15 October 2014 to Gerd.Bayer@fau.de