CFP: [Cultural-Historical] ACLA 2009: Liminal Bodies: Questioning the Functionality of the Human Body

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Catalina Florescu
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Where and how could we define the space(s) of our bodies? We all need and
have our space. We populate this space with many objects; we welcome some
people in, while we leave others out. But most importantly of all, within
us there lies the vast, more often than not ignored space of our lived
lives; the space of the body that has become a story mixing identities,
misplacements, and partial recoveries. Alongside the space of the lived
moments of our lives, there is the space of incubating desires, just as
there are spaces never to be explored.

When diagnosed with a potentially deadly illness, could we read our bodies
as responding to idioms of suffering or incorporating their suffering into
a “global” language of pain? Are bodies traversed by illnesses liminal (and
what would that mean)?

This seminar intends to focus on liminal bodies and their delicate
transaction with themselves and other people’s bodies.

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