UPDATE: Aging Poetically (3/15/07; MLA '07)

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Leni Marshall
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<dd>The text of the CFP incorrectly listed the submissions date. It
should be 15 March 2007.<br><br>

<dd>Aging Poetically:&nbsp;&nbsp; a proposed special session topic for
the 2007 MLA <br>

<dd>in Chicago, IL.<br><br>

<dd>Seeking examinations of poems about age, aging, and old age, in

<dd>writing of late-twentieth- and early-twenty-first-century poets

<dd>all ages worldwide. How is old age, aging, ageism, and age difference

<dd>depicted poetically? (How) does the poet's age vary the depictions

<dd>aged speakers' or other aged characters' identities? What ties

<dd>poets' depictions of aging and old age to their individual cultures?

<dd>How do ideas of and responses to aging reflect or resist their<br>

<dd>cultural contexts? Explorations of all aspects of aging and old

<dd>in poetry are welcome.<br><br>

<dd>Please send one-page abstracts (email submissions preferred) by 15

<dd>March 2007 to Leni Marshall,
<a href="mailto:mars0264_at_umn.edu">mars0264_at_umn.edu</a>.<br><br>

</dl>Leni Marshall<br>
Department of English<br>
University of Minnesota<br>
207 Lind Hall, 207 Church Street SE<br>
Minneapolis, MN 55455<br>

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