CFP: [Cultural-Historical] Panel on Convergence and Intermedial Flux, SCMS, Tokyo, 21-24 May 2009

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Nicholas Sammond
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Call for Papers: SCMS, 21-24 May 2009, Tokyo Japan

Panel: “Intermedial Flux Points: A Long View on Convergence.”

Dick Tracy experienced it every time (or maybe just the first few times) he
tuned in on his two-way wrist TV. The introduction of a new medium brings
with it new social and cultural practices and new aesthetic choices, both
real and imagined. This panel is intended to examine those historical and
contemporary junctures at which a new technology is introduced, as well as
the epistemological accommodations that accompany those moments. Ideally,
papers should be less interested in cataloging the representation of one
type of media within another, and more in the consideration of how the
potentiality of a new medium and its impact on extant practices were/are
expressed, realized, and perhaps contained. (One thinks, for example, of
Brian Winston’s claim about the radical potential of new media and its
suppression….) Or, contributors may want to consider how the representation
of seemingly outmoded media helps to reconstitute ideas about the new, and
to intercede in the production of histories of the quotidian.

Potential topics may include:

Radio in silent film

Technological product placement and the organization of narrative flow

Immersive gaming, continuity, and mis en scene

Changes in IMAX practices

Home video and the troubling of televisual regulation of the real/public sphere

Home computer video editing and the emergence of parallel economies and/or

Vaudeville on radio and in film

CGI and the social meanings of drawn and undrawn animation

Please email a 500 word abstract and short bio to:

Nicholas Sammond
Cinema Studies Institute
University of Toronto

Closing date is August 10

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