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In Medias Res
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_In Medias Res: An Electronic Journal for the Public Intellectual_
< provides a forum for intellectuals,
academics and artists alike, to comment on influential issues and important
events in the world as they happen.

The editors are seeking brief considered pieces from a variety of
perspectives and disciplines, as well as reviews of recently published
books, art exhibits, theatrical performances, musical recordings, films and
so on. The editors are especially interested to receive articles and
reviews on, but not limited to, the following topics:

- Ken Burns' _Mark Twain_ documentary
- Europe's shift to the Euro
- The rise and fall of Enron
- The role of comedy since 9/11
- The _Harry Potter_ books and movie
- Palestinian and Israeli relations
- Segway <>
- _The Lord of the Rings_ movie series

Submissions, no more than 1250 words, are accepted throughout the year and
should be written care of <>.

Joseph Tate and Conseula Francis, Editors
_In Medias Res: An Electronic Journal for the Public Intellectual_

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