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Jes Battis
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"Blood Roses: The Cultural Witchcraft of Tori Amos"

With the release of her latest 2007 album, "American Doll Posse," Tori Amos
has once again produced a unique piece of aggressive counter-culture,
proving that she has lost none of her subversive and critical edge since she
first amazed us with "Little Earthquakes." Inventive and hermetic with her
lyrics, always political in interviews, creative and provocative in
marketing her albums and tours, and passionately committed to a variety of
social causes, Tori Amos remains a figure of considerable power and
endurance within the fleeting world of alternative rock and roll. Unlike
Madonna, who has redefined what it means to be a global celebrity a queer
icon, Tori has more subtly maintained her status as a globally successful
musician, activist, poet, and sexually ambiguous performer.

This volume will include essays on any aspect of Tori's music, performance,
lyrics, politics, or history. Work that engages with her new album is
especially welcome, as well as work that explores the interdisciplinary
connections in her song-writing (her shared references with Neil Gaiman and
the "Sandman" comics, for instance, and her interest in magic and the

Publisher information will be forthcoming, but I anticipate strong
interest. Deadline: Sept 30, 2007. Please email 500-1000 word abstracts
and CVs to: jbattis_at_gmail_dot_com.

Any questions can be directed to:

Jes Battis
Postdoctoral Fellow, City University New York

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