CFP: Animals and Agency (5/1/07; collection)

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Sarah McFarland
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Animals and Agency

Edited by Sarah E. McFarland and Ryan Hediger

Scholars increasingly consider the presence and function of animals in
literature, film, art, and philosophy, while hugely popular documentary
films like _March of the Penguins_ and _Grizzly Man_ and a significant
number of animated films show this interest in film and popular culture
as well. Some scholars focus on how representations of "the animal" as
an "other" help to construct the human, whereas others examine the
relationships between humans and other animals and how human and animal
subjectivity are articulated.

This collection will examine the presence of animal agency in
literature, film, pop culture, and theory to answer the following

What do representations of animals in texts of all sorts (literature,
film, popular media, advertising, and so on) signify about animal agency
and human agency?

How do such representations call into question the distinction between
humans and animals?

How do animals' actions indicate their agency?

How has human agency been constructed with reference to animals? What
influence does this construction have on agency? On animals? On humans?

How do popular media and/or advertising make use of animal
representations to encourage human actions? (Frontier Airlines, for

How can we understand the connections (historical, theoretical, or
otherwise) among the categories "animal," "agency," and

What political or policy ramifications should ensue from complications
of human and animal agency?

How do representations of animals undermine or complicate the boundary
that supposedly differentiates animals from humans?

Please submit 1000-word proposals via email to Sarah McFarland at by May 1, 2007 as a .doc or .rtf attachment.

Accepted essays (6-8,000 words) will be due August 1.

Questions are welcome.

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