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Dr. Darrell M Newton
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Greetings everyone:

I’m organizing a panel for the Society for Cinema and Media Studies
(SCMS) conference for March 6-9, 2008 at the Loews Hotel in Philadelphia.

I’d like to do an examination of how constructs of race, ethnicity and
empire have created discourses within broadcast media emphasizing
Transnationalism. Of particular importance are historical instances in
which European or American radio programs have reemphasized aspects of
nationhood or place.

How have radio broadcasts, particularly before WWII influenced newsreels,
films or television programming, and ultimately notions of nationality?
How has cultural symbiosis played a role?

Other questions participants might consider exploring include:

How have these programs been adapted to other media - and why? What has
been the social and cultural significance of these adaptations

How did the research of these programs and/their audiences create
epistemological challenges?

How did the specific medium affect or influence its meaning?

How did the spectre of war affect the production of these narratives, and
their reception?

What constitutes their importance?

Please email a proposal of less than 250-word with a brief bio by August
12, 2007 to . I will reply by August 19."

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