CFP: Philament Bound (4/30/07; online journal issue)

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From: Philament <>
Date: 5th February, 2007
CFP: Philament: Cultural Studies and Literary Arts
Deadline: 30th April, 2007 (critique and opinion for online journal)
Publication: December 2007

Philament, the online journal of cultural studies and literary arts
affiliated with the University of Sydney , invites
postgraduate scholars to contribute articles, fictocriticism, reviews,
and opinions for:-

Issue 11: BOUND

send to:

Philament is a free online journal of postgraduate scholarship in the
fields of cultural studies and the literary arts. It is edited and
published by students from the University of Sydney but aims to
develop an intellectual community that has both an interdisciplinary
and intercampus nature. Philament is designed to be a conduit for
uninhibited academic debate, critical discussion and creative
expression over a broad range of topics within the literary arts and
cultural studies.


Round my neck,
from time to time, there was the hallucination
of a noose, and now and then, the weight
of chains binding my feet.
Then one fine day
love came to drag me, bound and manacled,
into the same cavalcade as the others.

from Faiz Ahmad Faiz, ?Love?s Captives?
translated by Naomi Lazard

Possible themes include, but are not limited to:

Bondage, Boxing Ring, Erotica, Fate and Destiny, Fetishism, Lesbians
on Film, Pounce, Sadomasochism, Abu Ghraib, Botany Bay, Confinement,
Gramsci Leonard Peltier, Guantanamo Bay, National Subjugation,
Prometheus, Binding Emily Dickinson, Fascicles, Faiz Ahmad Faiz,
Gulliver?s Travels, Manuscripts, Out of Bounds, Signed and Sealed,
Censure, Chains of Tradition, Dogma, Duty, Institutions, Rope, Social
Contracts, Suture

Please note:
We accept submissions in the form of:
Academic papers: for peer-review within a word limit of 3,000 to 8,000 words.
Opinion pieces: reviews (book, stage, screen, etc.), conference
reports, short essays, responses to papers previously published in
Philament issues. Word limit of 1000 words.

Philament will only accept submissions that have not been previously
published and are not under consideration elsewhere.

All submissions may be sent as email attachment in a PC-readable
format (preferably Microsoft Word) to

  Please include attach the Philament submissions form which can be
found on our website and
note that academic papers must include footnotes and conform to the
Philament house style of referencing.

For further information visit

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