Bridging Divides (journal issue)

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Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies
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The Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies, a peer-reviewed academic journal edited by graduate students and dedicated to publishing cultural studies scholarship from both established and emerging scholars, is currently soliciting submissions for an upcoming special issue on: Bridging Divides.

Bridges carry connotations of reciprocity, of connecting the seemingly unconnected, and of moving across fissures, topographical and ideological. Bridges do not simply appear—bridges are strategically built and require tension, support, and anchorage. Consequently, bridges beget a sense of precarity, a fear of collapse and disintegration, or a risk of unsure footing. We seek submissions that prompt investigation into the bridges and divides that both connect and sever disciplines, departments, institutions, cultures, systems and conceptual categories. How can scholars bridge the ostensible divide between theory and practice? Between the academy and lived experience? What interpretive possibilities stem from finding commonality in the seemingly disparate? What tensions arise when attempting to find these commonalities? Can attempting to find connection perpetuate disconnection? Can bridging divide?

This special issue of the Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies encourages diverse explorations of these questions. Possible lenses include, but are not limited to, cultural, film and literary studies, political theory, law and legal theory, studies of colonialism and nationalism, post-humanism, religious studies, economics, visual arts, communication and media studies, and popular culture. We invite submissions from critical and ethnographic scholars across all disciplines.

Possible topics include but are not limited to:

- Representations of divides in literature, art, film
- Works that bridge divides between theoretical approaches, disciplines, historical periods, methodologies
- National/Transnational links and fissures: cultural, linguistic, historical, commercial, ideological
- Translation and communication between linguistic divides
- Borders: geographical, conceptual, ideological, literary
- Transmission and media exchange
- Bridging academy and community: activism, engagement, pedagogy
- Artistic collaboration: influence, association, partnership
- Construction and deconstruction
- Liminal spaces, identities, experiences, etc.

Bridging the "divide" between…

• Mind and body
• Theory and practice
• Past and present
• Academic disciplines and methodologies
• Selves: private selves, professional selves, online selves, etc.
• Acknowledgement and concealment
• Act of appropriation and acts of appreciation

What to send:

Essays no longer than 9,000 words (including footnotes and bibliography), MLA format. Please keep discursive endnotes to a minimum.
Please email all submissions to:
Submission Deadline: April 11, 2016