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Bonnie Latimer
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“Popular fiction after Richardson”
DEADLINE: September 15th 2007

This panel scrutinizes the idea of eighteenth-century “popular fiction,”
particularly in the wake of Samuel Richardson's groundbreaking novels. It
asks how this discursive marketplace registered the “literary” and helped
to determine what we now regard as canonical.

Eighteenth-century literary scholarship is increasingly exploring the idea
of popular literature. Electronic databases have made available a vastly
augmented range of popular novels, plays, poetry, and pamphlets. Equally,
full scholarly editions of once-neglected writers such as Eliza Haywood
and Charlotte Smith are now being released. In addition to resurrecting
particular authors, scholars have also become interested in types of
narrative, with major presses bringing out collections of prostitute
narratives, minor gothic works, erotica and bawdy tales, and Newgate
novels. Much of this exciting emergent scholarship problematizes and
revisions the canon, asking how the “popular” intersects with and impacts
upon the “literary” â€" and to what extent these two categories are even
separable from one another.

This panel will particularly consider popular literature after Samuel
Richardson, whose work arguably did more than any other to direct the
course of the eighteenth-century novel. Papers might trace Richardson's
influence directly, responses to his work, or, more generally, the ways in
which concerns germane to his work resonated in subsequent decades.
Popular fictions might be in novelistic, dramatic, visual, or other
forms. Equally, panellists might reconsider changes or advances in
textual or printing practices post-Richardson.

All queries and proposals are welcome; contact Bonnie Latimer at

DEADLINE: September 15th 2007

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