CFP: [18th] "The Georgic Century" (ASECS, 3/26-29 2009)

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Tobias Menely
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American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies
Richmond, Virginia
March 26-29, 2009

Call for papers: The Georgic Century

In a critical preface to John Dryden’s 1697 translation of Virgil’s
Georgics, Joseph Addison called the poem the “most complete, elaborate, and
finish’d piece of all Antiquity.” Addison’s praise anticipated an era that
surely stands as the high point for a genre of poetry that has otherwise
occupied the margins of poetic production. This panel will feature papers
that reflect on the place of georgic verse and georgic themes in
eighteenth-century culture. Papers might consider national identity in an
age of emerging empire; moral, practical, and affective didacticism, as
well as literary instrumentality; neoclassicism, romanticism, and aesthetic
genealogies; mediation; labor, agriculture, enclosure, and the changing
countryside; theodicy; the economy of nature; natural history,
biosemiotics, and anthropomorphism.

Please send proposals, by 15 September, to Tobias Menely

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