CFP: [18th] The Celtic Periphery in the Eighteenth Century

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Juliet Shields
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"The Celtic Periphery in the Eighteenth Century," ASECS, Richmond
Virginia, March 26-29, 2009

Was there a coherent Celtic periphery in the eighteenth century? If so,
in what was its unity based--language, race, culture, resistance to
Anglicization, or something else? How do the triangulated relations
between Ireland, Scotland, and England challenge traditional models of
the nation-state? How might the differences between Ireland’s and
Scotland’s eighteenth-century connections to England, and to Great
Britain’s growing empire, illuminate or trouble the distinctions between
internal colonialism, settler colonialism, and other forms of

This panel seeks to explore Scotland and Ireland’s relationship with
Great Britain and the empire. It also seeks to examine how the alliances
and rivalries between Scotland and Ireland informed their respective
relationships with England.

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by September 15, 2008.

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