CFP: [American] Transatlantic Women: Nineteenth-Century American Women Writers in Great Britain, Ireland, and Europe

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Brigitte Bailey
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Call for Papers: International Conference

Transatlantic Women: Nineteenth-Century American Women Writers in Great
Britain, Ireland, and Europe

Rothermere American Institute
Accommodations at St. Catherine’s College
Oxford University
16-20 July 2008

Sponsored by the Harriet Beecher Stowe Society, the Catharine Maria
Sedgwick Society, and the Margaret Fuller Society

It is increasingly apparent that nineteenth-century women movedâ€"culturally,
intellectually, and geographicallyâ€"in a transatlantic, even global world.
This conference will highlight and examine these literary and corporeal
circulations. England was the nation most visited and its authors most
read by Americans; England also served as the frequent gateway, both in
Americans’ reading and in their travels, to Europe. Conference organizers
solicit papers that examine the broad range of nineteenth-century American
women writers’ engagements with England, especially, but also with Europe.
 Possible topics include:

• Tourism, travel, destinations, geographies
• Mobility and labor: e.g., Nancy Prince in Russia, Jacobs in England,
Alcott as travel companion
• Industrial site visits; educational, medical, and correctional
institutions and movements
• Reform and activist engagements: Peace Congresses; Exeter Hall
anti-slavery meetings; women’s rights and suffrage organizations: e.g.,
Ellen Craft, Julia Ward Howe
• Contacts, correspondences with English and European writers: e.g., Sedgwick
• Reading English and European texts in the US: e.g., Charlotte Grimké’s
journals, Stoddard
• Translations, revisions of English and European writers
• English and European writers’ readings of American women writers
• Expatriates: e.g., Woolson
• Literary celebrity tours; ethnic and cultural performances at
expositions: e.g., Stowe, Zitkala-Sa
• Transatlantic literary networking: e.g., Annie Fields, Frances Osgood
• Childhood travel or residence and later writings: e.g., Susan Fenimore
Cooper, Sui Sin Far, Wharton
• Women journalists and periodical writers in England and Europe: e.g.,
Kirkland, Greenwood
• Discussions of English and European politics and political economy: e.g.,
• Travel and religious belief, conversion, sectarianism, conflict
• The body abroad--health, invalidism, travel, sexuality, residencies:
e.g., Alice James
• Tourism and whiteness, representations of race and ethnicity in Europe
• Genres: travel writing, fiction, autobiography, reform tracts, lyric
poems, speeches, exposés, etc.
• Aesthetics, visual culture, performance art, exhibitions: commentary on
art, landscape, architecture, music, theater, opera, ballet, folk
performances, museums, commemorative and memorial sites
• Issues of publication, the quest for an international copyright law:
e.g., Southworth

All conference participants must be members of at least one of the
sponsoring author societies at the time of registration. For further
information about the conference contact the conference director: Beth
Lueck, President of the Stowe Society, at Email 250-word
proposals and 1-page CVs by October 1, 2007 to the chair of the program
committee: Brigitte Bailey (

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