CFP: [18th] Edited Collection: Literature and Ethics: From the Green Knight to the Dark Knight

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William Rossiter
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This volume will examine the crucial relationship between literature and
ethics, as it has developed and changed from the late medieval period to
the present day. The focus of the volume is predicated upon three
interrelated themes: namely, instruction, judgement, and justice. The
chapters will be informed by theoretical, philosophical, and critical
perspectives which have influenced various approaches to literary ethics.
These perspectives will include early modern humanism, utilitarianism,
existentialism and psychoanalytical hermeneutics, amongst others. The
volume is part of a series examining ethics across various academic
disciplines. Crucial questions addressed by the volume may include but are
not limited to:

• Can literature teach readers to be better people?
• How does one address the issue of literature and ethics following
liberal humanism and the theory wars?
• What is the nature of the relationship between justice, vengeance and
vigilantism in contemporary literature?
• Is there an ethics of violence in literature?
• How does literature configure ecological and spatial ethics?

Proposals of no more than 300 words to be emailed either to Dr Steve Brie
( or Dr Will Rossiter ( by 1 May 2009.

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