CFP: Appalachian Studies (11/1/06; PCA/ACA, 4/4/07-4/7/07)

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Jimmy Smith
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Appalachia was, and remains, one place where Americans' thoughts go when the=
y have to re-think what it means to be American. Whether it is understood as=
 the First Frontier, the original Old West, or an Eden infested with the sna=
kes of race, class, and violence, Appalachia offers exceedingly fertile grou=
nd for popular and scholarly investigation.

Presentations covering a broad range of Appalachian culture

are welcome, as are thematic panels composed of three to

four presentations. Topics may include:

--Appalachian music

--Appalachian writers

--Appalachia in film

--Appalachia in television

--Gender in Appalachia

--"Fighting Back" in Appalachia



--The changing landscape of Appalachia

--Modernity and postmodernity in Appalachia

--Appalachian religions

--Defining "Appalachia" from inside and out

--The cultural identity of problematic Appalachia

          (e.g., textile mill villages and the Piedmont)

--Creative submissions

These are just suggestions, of course; Appalachia is too diverse a region to=
 be shoehorned into the few categories listed above. Presentations should la=
st from fifteen to twenty minutes.

The Popular Culture Association will provide DVD players

and televisions; you should arrange to provide other audio-visual equipment.=
 Proposals of around 250 words should be emailed to Inc=
lude the proposal, along with greetings, questions, personal information, et=
c. in the body of the email.


Prof. Jimmy Dean Smith


Union College

Barbourville, KY 40906

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