CFP: Contemporary Arabic Film (3/15/07; MLA '07)

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Ken Seigneurie
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The Representation of Social Crisis in Contemporary Arabic Film

Special Session Panel Proposal for the 2007 MLA Convention

Presented by Ken Seigneurie

Lebanese American University - Beirut


Whether the object of direct representation in films such as The Yacoubian

Building or diffracted through popular ideology in others such as Dunia,

social issues find their way into Arabic-language films from Iraq to

Morocco. This panel proposes to look at films produced within the past

twenty years as so many windows (clear, broken, smoked or grimy) onto

social and political crises. Two-page abstracts by 15 March treating any of

the following topics would be particularly welcome. ( )


- Representing near war, open war and postwar

- Gender inflections: implicit and explicit

- Religion and its malcontents

- Thematizing/allegorizing childhood

- Figuring the struggle for civil society

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