CFP: CHiEEEEF! Critical Indigenous Theory and the End of Dancing "Indians" (4/30/07; collection)

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D. Anthony Tyeeme Clark
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Call for Proposals

Due Monday, April 30, 2007


CHiEEEEF! Critical Indigenous Theory and the End of Dancing "Indians" in
University Athletics

Edited by Jodi Byrd, D. Anthony Tyeeme Clark, and Debbie Reese



As the dust settles in the wake of Chief Illiniwek's "last dance" on the
center court of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's Assembly
Hall, the reverberations of institutionalized "playing Indian" continue to
echo. With over 1000 teams still using American Indians as mascots for
their sports franchises, in addition to "pro-chief" proponents crying, "Save
the Chief!" and asserting that, "We are the Illini Nation," it is clear as
we move into a "post-chief" era that the historical violences and discourses
that authorized his performance are still with us. Faculty members of the
American Indian Studies program at the University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign see the University's compliance with the NCAA's ruling to
discontinue the Chief as an opportunity to:


(1) reexamine the discourses of conquest and colonialism that sanctioned the

(2) acknowledge the activism and resurgence of American Indian students,
community members, and faculty to put an end to dehumanizing mascots and
images; and

(3) reflect upon the larger historical conditions affecting American Indians
that continue to feed the rabid anti-Indianism that informs dominant
representations of "Indianness" within popular culture.


With these concerns in mind, we invite proposals for theoretical
discussions, empirically-based studies, and narrative commentaries for the
forthcoming anthology CHiEEEEF!, edited by Jodi Byrd, Tony Clark, and Debbie
Reese, that engage in, but are certainly not limited by, the following kinds
of research and scholarship to examine the history and legacies of team


-- work that joins together the voices of academics and
activist-intellectuals, from within Indian Country and beyond

-- analyses that unsettle anti-Indian racism and the colonial mentality
present in American popular culture

-- work that examines the intersections amongst colonialism, racism, and
class to produce privilege and knowledge through the subjugation of racial

-- unapologetically political and pro-Indigenous accounts of these
representations and the reception American Indian people experience in
movies, television, sports, comic books, literature, new media, games and
toys, school curricula, holidays, advertisements and music

-- reviews of the scholarship of activist-intellectuals whose work
circulated among Native communities before and alongside resistances against
mascots and other dehumanizing images of "Indians"

personal narratives, experiences, and reflections from the frontlines of
engagement with "Indian mascots" and "dancing chiefs"

-- the observations of American Indians who are grounded in their urban and
rural communities and/or who are citizens of their nations

-- original, innovative academic analyses informed by critical theory

-- work that affirms the efforts of Indian peoples engaged in grass-roots
struggles and/or that features the satisfaction, empowerment, and hope that
comes through in the struggle against anti-Indian racism itself

-- work rooted in indigenous intellectual disciplines and epistemologies to
offer potential, long-term critical theories that re-center, re-value, and
reclaim indigenous ways of knowing.


By Monday, April 30, please submit a 500- (or so) word abstract that
includes a title, along with your curriculum vita or a description that
introduces you, to both Jodi Byrd, Tony Clark, and Debbie Reese. Should you
have questions, please e-mail us at,, AND


We prefer electronic submissions as Word attachments. If email submissions
are not possible, please email your complete proposals (abstract and
curriculum vita) no later than Monday, April 30 to all three editors (one
copy to each).

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