CFP: Irish Modernism (Ireland) (6/15/07; 10/19/07-10/20/07)

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Carol Taaffe
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CFP: Irish Modernism

Trinity College Dublin, 19-20 October 2007
Plenary Speakers: Prof. Jean Michel Rabaté, University of Pennsylvania; Dr Joe
Cleary, NUI Maynooth; Dr Alex Davis, University College Cork

This conference invites reconsideration of modernism and its legacy in Ireland.
It is exploratory in nature, its aim being to broaden current debates about the
literature of early twentieth-century Ireland and the culture of the
post-independence years.

While the organisers invite papers on the leading figures of Irish modernism,
they particularly welcome a re-examination of these writers' work in relation
to their contemporaries in Ireland. Papers are also invited on lesser-known
Irish modernists, on writers who reacted against the cultural impact of
modernism and on Irish modernism in various cultural forms (art, music, film,
photography, theatre or dance). In the past, modernist studies often assumed
the incompatibility of modernism and Ireland, juxtaposing an enlightened
internationalism with an insular, conservative and repressive nationalist
culture. But this is not an image which does service to either side – while
denuding Irish modernists of the culture which informs their work, it also
caricatures Ireland's complex cultural dynamics and posits a utopian image of
modernism itself. By addressing modernism in early twentieth-century Ireland,
this conference will explore new perspectives on the literature of this period
that reflect a growing body of work on the contradictory and contested nature
of modernism itself.

Suggested topics include:

- The second generation: Beckett, O'Brien, Bowen, Devlin, and others
- Modernism and the Literary Revival
- Internationalism and cultural nationalism
- The emigrant and the exile
- Modernism and Irish-language literature
- Xenophobia and the anti-jazz campaigns
- The reception of modernism in Ireland
- The Irish Exhibition of Living Art
- Modernism and the Irish theatre
- Irish modernist journals and publishing ventures
- The Irish short story
- Irish cinema
- Censorship and modernism
- Populism and elitism

Papers will be of 20 minutes duration and panel proposals are welcomed. Please
submit abstracts of 250 words by 15 June 2007 to the organisers, Dr Carol Taaffe
or Dr Edwina Keown at:,

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