CFP: Theoretical Cross-Pollination in Latin America (11/22/07; journal issue)

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Belen Bistue
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Call for papers
Brújula Vol. 7

Theoretical Cross-Pollination in Latin America: Mapping Transnational

The seventh issue of Brújula will focus on the inherently transnational
and multilingual nature not only of Latin American art and culture, but
also of the frames of knowledge and theories that define Latin America as
a field—be they "misplaced," "pluritopic," "dependent," "hybrid,"
"diasporic," or "traveling" theories. Basically, we would like to explore
ways in which Latin America and the rest of the world interact through
theoretical comparisons, influences, exchanges, intersections, and
resistances—examining, for instance, the role of recent theoretical
constructs used to read Latin America in new ways, or the crucial part
played by cross-disciplinary modes of analysis, pre-dating contemporary
Cultural Studies, that originated within Latin America. To this end, we
seek contributions that (re)read Latin America and evaluate their own
theoretical approach, as well as pieces that evaluate the work of critics
and thinkers that have used "cross-pollinating" models.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:
- cartographies and new spaces for exploration that have been produced
by "traveling theories";
- intersections between theories across disciplines and across global
- revisions and transgressions of periods, translation strategies, and
comparative methodologies;
- capitalism, migrations, information technology, and other globalizing
systems and/or processes underlying theoretical and critical exchanges;
- testimonio and other types of writings and critiques that have been
influenced by war and conflict;
- effects of different theoretical and critical frameworks on Latin
American canons and curricula;

Please, submit materials to by November 22,

Please, submit your essay with a cover letter that includes a brief (50-75
word) professional statement (with your name, academic affiliation, and
standing [graduate student, doctoral candidate, assistant professor],
institution, research interests, and/or a few relevant publications) the
title of your paper as well as a 100-word abstract.
- Brújula is a peer-reviewed journal that favors anonymity in the process
of selection. Therefore we ask that essays be submitted without names.
Names and e-mail addresses should appear on cover letter and envelopes
- Essays may be written in Spanish, English, or Portuguese.
- Papers are limited to 15-20 pages, double-spaced, including endnotes and
- Send material via e-mail at: Use Microsoft
Word 95 or higher.
- We request that essay format follow the conventions of the MLA Style
Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing.
- Tables, diagrams, maps, photos, and artwork may be included by
arrangement with editors. Permissions to reproduce such materials will be
the responsibility of the author.

Brújula only accepts original contributions. Translations of articles or
articles already published will not be accepted. Manuscripts will not be

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