CFP: [Ethnic] "APA Intersections: Transcending Boundaries, Embracing Coalitions"

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Meaghan Kozar
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The Asian Pacific American Studies Program at Michigan State University
is happy to announce their 2nd annual conference to be held on April 12,
2008 East Lansing, Michigan.

“Asian Pacific American Intersections: Transcending Boundaries, Embracing

The theme of this year’s conference “Asian Pacific American
Intersections: Transcending Boundaries, Embracing Coalitions” observes
the significant and innovative ways the Asian Pacific American community
intersects socially, politically, and historically with varied
communities across lines of race, gender, class, identity, culture, and
sexuality. With an increasingly global, diverse and racially mixed world,
the discipline of APA Studies can no longer afford to function in
isolation from other political communities and disciplinary approaches.
Although APAs have a long history of coalition building with other racial
communities this memory has been silenced. In what ways can we recuperate
histories of APA coalition building with other communities? Given the
ways in which APAs have been stereotyped as “Model Minorities” in
opposition to other racial groups, how might studies of APA
intersectionality challenge these divisions? How does a comparative
examination of Asian Diasporas facilitate an understanding of the
relationship between race, culture, and identity across national borders?
How does popular culture participate in defining (or redefining) APA
intersections? How can a theory of APA intersectionality impact pedagogy
across a variety of disciplines? What challenges can we anticipate APAs
will encounter as critical discourse begins to embrace a theoretical
framework of intersectionality? How does a discourse of APA
intersectionality offer possibilities for the future?

Some possible topics centering on APA intersections include:

* Asian-Latin American or Asian-African American histories
* Hapa and multiracial identities
* Films, Literature and music
* Pedagogy and Ethnic Studies Programs
* Diaspora, Transnationalism, Globalization
(conference info. coming soon!)

Please submit proposals to Meaghan Kozar at no later
than January 14, 2008.

All proposals must include:
1.250-300 word abstract CV, including full contact information
3.A list of any audio or visual equipment needed for presentation.

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