CFP: [Ethnic] CFP: ACLA 2009: On the Fringes of the Center: East-Central Europe and the Western Other

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Joshua Beall / Monica Filimon
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The post-1945 Cold War grouping of Communist-bloc countries under the
banner of “Eastern” Europe often obscures the fact that the region’s
cultures and literatures were often Western in orientation. This panel
examines the manner in which the East-Central European imaginary created
and managed its own space of the (Western) Other. We are hoping for a
dialogue about how these different cultures adapted, reproduced,
subverted, or redefined the West and reinvented themselves in the
process. To what extent have the conventions of different literary or
filmic genres been subverted in East-Central Europe? How has capitalism
as a global (Western) “language” been domesticated in this part of
Europe? How have the different countries in East-Central Europe fashioned
an image of themselves, of each other, and of the West from a
geographically central yet politically marginal position? How did the
fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire affect the different national
identities forged within its former borders? How did Communism influence
the image of the West in the minds of the ordinary Eastern Europeans? How
has the fall of Communism influenced affective relationships with the

We welcome papers on both literature and cinema from East-Central Europe
that focus on the aesthetic journey of the West through the local
imaginary in relation to issues such as nation and nationality, gender,
psychoanalysis, politics, and even economics.

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