CFP: The Documentary Tradition in Africa (8/15/06; Film & History, 11/8/06-11/12/06)

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Dannhauser, Phyllis
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Please find attached a call for papers for the Africa region (other
areas can be accessed from the website below) including a detailed
poster for the conference.=20
The Documentary Tradition
8 to 12 November 2006
Dallas, Texas, United States

The Documentary Tradition and its many permutations will be the topic of
the Fall, 2006 Film & History conference. Back in 1971, Lewis Jacobs
published an anthology of readings on the evolving nature of
documentary, 1894-1950. Entitled The Documentary Tradition, the book is
still available in paperback. A number of us used this collection as a
platform from which to dive into the topic of film and history.
Fortunately, in my case, there was a life-saving Editor-in-Chief named
John E. Connor to show me how to swim and, over time, Film & History has
helped many others to stay afloat in an interdisciplinary pool.

Topics for our conference will include the following film and television
* Documentaries
* Propaganda films
* Docudramas
* Historical films attempting to define history
* Newsreels and broadcast media
* 'Real worlds' and reality programming
* Actualities, cinema verite, avant garde, and direct cinema.

As always, we are interested in how motion pictures reflect history or
attempt to influence it. The interpretation of history through film is
important as well. For examples of our approach, consult Film & History
at your library or breeze through the TOCs for the last 35 years on the
web site.

Here are some possible areas for exploration and discussion:
* Ethnography, sociology, ethnicity
* Gender in nonfiction film
* Educational and industrial films
* Government sponsorship and political or social ideology
* Nature studies, urban landscape and travel
* Religion and spirituality
* National documentary film theories and schools
* Historical eras and coverage of historical events
* Popular culture, concert films, music videos, sport and leisure
* Technique, technology and cyberspace
* Documentary auteurs.

*Guest film artists:=20
D.A. Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus, makers of The War Room (2003) and
other cinema verite classics.=20
*Featured scholars:=20
Raymond Fielding, the dean of newsreel studies and Betsy McLane, the
diva of documentary. Both have new books to share.=20

We will be looking for ideas, area chairs, and helpers. Join us now in
the planning stages. We welcome your suggestions.

Deadline for panels and proposals is August 15, 2006

Web address: http://www.filmandhistory.or <<2006 Final Conference
Poster_6 Feb 16 06.pdf>> g Sponsored by: Film and History League

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