CFP: Journeys Across Media 2007: 'See - Hear - Feel' (grad) (UK) (1/26/07; 4/20/07)

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Journeys Across Media 2007


See - Hear - Feel:

Perception & Engagement in Visual Media & Performance


20 April 2007

Department of Film, Theatre & Television - University of Reading Supported
by the Standing Conference of University Drama Departments (SCUDD) and the
Graduate School in Arts and Humanities, University of Reading.




How do visual media and performance grab our attention? What role does the
body play in our engagement with media texts? How does our perception of
media texts, forms and institutions influence our readings and
interpretations? This, the fifth Journeys Across Media conference, will
explore perception and engagement with Visual Media & Performance from a
variety of approaches and contexts.


Papers are invited from postgraduate students researching areas of film,
theatre, television and new media. The following themes and sample issues
are central but not exclusive:




. Spectatorship and point of view - How do we conceptualise the

'reader' within the differing perceptions and interpretations that
proliferate in an increasingly mediated world? How do competing perceptions
of political and social identity impact on the expression and interpretation
of race, gender and nationality in media?


. Engagement and Interactivity - How do more sensory approaches to a

reader-text relationship mesh with more formalist ones, if at all? Are
notions of interactivity reliant upon the 'live-ness' of the event?


. Medium specificity - How does the configuration of viewing time

and space inform a spectator's access to or perception of a specific media
experience? In what ways do the possibilities inherent in a particular
medium influence the creation, reception and/or interpretation of a given


. Interdisciplinary approaches and cross-media work - What, if

anything, does recognition of mutual influence between media forms offer
practitioners, participants and academics?




Call for papers deadline: Friday 26 January 2007

Please send a 250-word proposal, including a biographical note, to Eirini

Nedelkopoulou, Ceri Hovland and Lucy Fife at . Papers

should be no more than 20 minutes. Information will be regularly updated

via our website,


Journeys Across Media (JAM) is an annual one-day interdisciplinary

conference organised by and for postgraduate students. It provides a

discussion forum for current and developing research in film, theatre,

television and 'new media'. Previous delegates have welcomed the

opportunity to gain experience of presenting their work, at different stages

of development, in the active, friendly and supportive research environment

of Film, Theatre & Television at the University of Reading. Non-presenting

delegates are also very welcome.

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