CFP: South Park and Cultural Criticism (9/1/07; collection)

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James Keller
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_South Park_ and Cultural Criticism: Essays


We are soliciting essays for a critical volume that examines the reciprocity between the television series _South Park_ and the culture
that both creates and is created by that program. _South Park_ is a vehicle for socio-political satire, projecting the burden of our
most vexing social issues onto the lives of a collection of precocious, animated school children and creating a burlesque of
America's anxiety over the potential corruption of innocence. They are excellent vehicles for the program's efforts to satirize
absurdity and radical activism at both ends of the political spectrum. In addition, the series comments upon the productions of
popular culture, lampooning America's obsessions and preoccupations of the moment.


The essays in the volume should address one particular or several related social and cultural controversies, analyzing the
political disposition of the commentary and perhaps identifying the particular cultural bias of the episode, if any. The essays
might also trace a particular subject over several episodes or seasons, exposing the inconsistent or evolving treatment of the
subject as it reflects recent cultural polemics. _South Park_ has devoted at least one entire episode to each of the following subjects
(as well as many others):

<> Contemporary Social and Political Issues:
<>--Hate Crimes
--Hurricane Katrina
--Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
--Global Warming
--Al Quaeda
--Gender Reassignment
--Illegal Immigration
--Gay Marriage
--Pedophilic Priests
--Teacher/Student Sex<>


Popular Culture:
--Paris Hilton
--Mel Gibson
--Jennifer Lopez
--Biggie Smalls
--Christian Rock
--The World of Warcraft
--Japanese Anime
--Lord of the Rings
--Star Trek
--The Nanny
--The Dog Whisperer
--Civil War Reenactments
--Holistic Healing
--Boy Bands
--VH1--"Behind the Music"
--The Passion of the Christ<>

The essays should be no more than twenty pages and should be documented
in MLA style. The contributor should not use automatic formatting
programs for documentation. The essays should be submitted via e-mail
(if possible) and should be Microsoft Word documents. We cannot give
final acceptance to essays until we have seen the completed final draft
although we can accept tentatively rough drafts. <>

The final draft of the essays is due on Sept. 1, 2007, and submissions
or inquiries should be directed to <> Dr. Leslie

Dept. of Languages, Literature, and Philosophy
1100 College St., W-1634
Mississippi University for Women
Columbus, MS 39701<>


Dr. James R. Keller (Before June 1, 2007) (After June 1, 2007)
Chair of English and Theatre
Case Annex 467
Eastern Kentucky University
501 Lancaster Avenue
Richmond, KY 40475-3102

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