CFP: [Film] Re-Reading McLuhan - On and Throught the Eyes of the Media Oracle

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Claus Krogholm
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Re-Reading McLuhan.
On and Through the Eyes of the Media Oracle.

An anthology edited by
Jonas Ingvarsson, Troels Degn Johansson & Claus Krogholm
For NSU Press

The point of departure for this volume will be the texts of Marshall
McLuhan. The media explosion we have witnessed during the years since the
death of McLuhan seems to have proven many of his media-prophecies to be
correct. It has become widespread to assume, that we are living in “the
global village” and that “the medium is the message”. The purpose of
re-reading McLuhan can be described as being two-folded. As the title
suggests, we are interested in the actual re-reading of McLuhan’s work, as
well as redefining the agenda of McLuhan’s thoughts today.

For the re-reading, we want to challenge and revitalize the thoughts of
Marshall McLuhan by re-contextualizing them; i.e. by exploring other
theoretical positions, communi cating with, providing a perspective on,
and/or challenging McLuhan’s texts. Here we welcome historical, as well as
thematic approaches.

The other approach, the redefining, will address the uses of McLuhan. How
do we update, explore and adapt the 40 years old agenda of McLuhan to the
social, philosophical, literary and artistic agenda of today?

These questions will form the basis for the NSU Press volume, Re-Reading
McLuhan. On and Through the Eyes of the Media Oracle, to be published
during 2007-2008.


We ask you to send an extensive abstract, on approximate 1000 words, +
titles and references, before September 1. 2007. Please send abstracts to
Troels Degn Johansson (e-mail: or Claus
Krogholm (e-mail: For further questions, please use
the e-mail addresses above.

Jonas Ingvarsson

Associate Professor

University of Karlstad, Sweden

Troels Degn Johansson

Associate Professor

Danmarks Designskole

Copenhagen, Denmark

Claus Krogholm

Associate Professor

Department of Language, Culture & Aesthetics

Aalborg University, Denmark

For some years the Nordic Summer University (NSU, presentation below) has
hosted a Study Circle on Media Philosophy, resulting in many interesting
seminars and conferences on different, media related, topics. The topic for
the 2002 Oslo-seminar was “Re-reading McLuhan”. The papers and discussions
presented on this occasion proved that the thoughts and theories of McLuhan
still are relevant today. It is our wish to continue this re-reading of
McLuhan, and we welcome contributions within the guidelines suggested above.

The Nordic Summer University (NSU)

The Nordic Summer University (NSU) is a long-established institution within
the Nordic intellectual arena. The NSU is not a dusty relic of a bygone
age, but a dynamic space where intellectuals from different age groups meet
to share their thoughts and test out their arguments. It constitutes a
forum for intellectual thought where narrow academic disciplines are
replaced by thematic topics, creating an interdisciplinary space where
academics and intellectuals with various backgrounds can interact.

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