CFP: [Film] Pornography and Narrative (10/1/07; Narrative, 5/1/08-5/4/08)

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Zachary Lamm
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I am seeking participants for a panel to be proposed for next year’s
Narrative Conference in Austin, TX, May 1-4, 2008. Please send 1-page
abstracts to Zachary Lamm ( by October 1, 2007.

This panel will explore the use of narrative in pornographic texts.
Pornography has had a troubled relationship to narrative and is often
portrayed as utilizing narrative in only its most rudimentary forms: crude
frame stories, repetitive actions, predictable outcomes. But pornography’s
narratives structures have also been key to public discourses of sexual
normativity, gendered violence, and social justice. By considering the
significance of narrative in pornography, and the significance of the
narratives we make about pornography, we can arrive at a better
understanding of the workings of ideology in pornographic texts and the
effects of pornographic narratives within the larger culture. Work may be
on pornography in any media, and using any relevant approach.

Topics of interest include the following:

Uses of narrative across pornographic media (writing, photography, film, etc.)
Relationship of the pornographic to other forms of narrative
Gender and other types of identity formation in pornography
Constructions of heterosexuality and homosexuality
Theories of desire in narrative pornography
Normativity, queerness, and perversity
Pornographic new media
Portrayals of everyday life in pornography
Uses of pornography in everyday life
Community formation in/around pornographic texts
Audience responses (and participation)
The mise-en-scene of pornography
Supplementary texts to pornography
Repetition and redundancy
Pornographic narratives in/of public space
Porno seriality
Pornographic adaptations
Hard-core versus soft-core narratives
New takes on pornographic narratives in public discourse
Narratives of risk, consent, danger
Health and safety narratives

Zachary Lamm
Department of English
Loyola University Chicago

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