CFP: [Film] PCA Film Adaptation 11/30/07 (3/19-22/07)

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Dr. Rebecca Housel
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CFP: Film Adaptation for PCA/ACA conference 11/30/07 (3/19-22/07)
Film Adaptation is the movie medium that reshapes myth, medicine,
monsters, music, magic, mummies, Marvel comics, and much, much more!
Alliteration aside (sorry), film adaptation is any movie adapted to
screen to portray everything from history and politics to Frank Miller's
Sin City and 300. There's whole sets of Shakespearean adaptations. Even
DC and Marvel comics! Heck, we could write an entire book on film
adaptation--hey, wait...we did!
>From Camera Lens to Critical Lens was published with Cambridge SP in
2006, using papers on everything from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless
Mind to Hitchcock to The Hours to Daughters of the Dust based on the work
of participants from the 2005 and 2006 conferences! There have also been
many Film Adaptation participants who have had their papers published in
the Journal of Popular Culture, Journal of American Culture, and more.
Before we go any further, I want to make clear that is the PCA FILM
ADAPTATION area--NOT affiliated with the ADAPTATION area--that's a whole
different ball game, folks. We focus only on FILM ADAPTATION. Any kind
of Film Adaptation--I want to see proposals on everything and anything--
hypermasculinity in Fight Club? You betcha! Comic book/graphic novel
adaptations as twenty-first century mythology--yes, yes, yes!!!
Arthurian/Robin Hood/medieval film adaptations as a way of promoting
patriarchy--yeah, baby, yeah! Austin Powers franchise as adaptation of
60's spy flicks--absitively posilutely! Remember, NO LIMITS on what you
propose (I'm up for just about anything). Here are some topic
suggestions below (just suggestions):
-comics/graphic novels as film adaptation (XMen, Spiderman, Fantastic
Four, etc.)
-Arthurian literature in/and film adaptation (Arthur, Excaliber, First
Knight, etc.)
-anything Australian in/and film adaptation (Crocodile Dundee, Muriel's
Wedding, etc.)
-gender in/and film adaptation (Fight Club, etc.)
-author representations in/and film adaptation (The Hours, etc.)
-political representations in/and film adaptation (An Inconvenient Truth,
-ANY literature in/and film adaptation (Running with Scissors, Everything
is Illuminated, etc.)
-Shakespeare in/and film adaptation (A Midsummer Night's Dream,
Shakespeare in Love, etc.)
-Chaucer in/and film adaptation (Knight's Tale, etc.)
-anything medieval in/and film adaptation (Robin Hood, etc.)
-Post-colonialism in/and film adaptation (Vanity Fair, etc.)
-Technology/globalization in/and film adaptation (iRobot, XMen, etc.)
-war/history in/and film adaptation (Bobby, Band of Brothers, etc.)
-medicine/illness in/and film adaptation (The Doctor, Terms of
Endearment, Finding Neverland, etc.)
-music in/and film adaptation (Pink Floyd's The Wall, etc.)
-poetry in/and adaptation (Troy, etc.)
-monsters in/and film adaptation (Frankenstein, The Mummy, Interview with
a Vampire, etc.)
-fathers in/and film adaptation (Father of the Bride, Hamlet, etc.)
-mothers in/and film adaptation (Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Georgia Rule, Finding
Neverland, etc.)
-love in/and film adaptation (almost ANY film adaptation...)
-European representations in/and film adaptation (European Vacation,
James Bond, etc.)
-Hollywood in/and film adaptation (Stuck on You, etc.)
-social commentary in/and film adaptation (Farenheit 9-11, Thank You for
Not Smoking, etc.)
-videogames in/and film adaptation (Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Doom,
-parody in/and film adaptation (Blades of Glory, Anchorman, Zoolander,
-biopics as adaptation (Ray, Walk the Line, etc.)
-aliens in/and film adaptation (Independence Day, Alien vs. Predator,
-Speilberg and film adaptation (Munich, etc.)
So what do you say? Let's see those (200 words or less) proposals no
later than November 30th! I'm "super-psyched"! :) Please include your
name, affiliation, email, and other contact info IN-TEXT of an email--no
attachments, please--but if you must, only in WORD--thanks.
Hey! Did I mention that the conference is going to be in San Francisco--
near the Ghiradelli Chocolate Factory, and other amazing, interesting
Got ??? Please email Rebecca Housel at Looking forward
to seeing you in San Francisco!

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