UPDATE: [Film] Film Dialogue and Genre (1/1/2008; collection update)

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Jeff Jaeckle
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I am extending the deadline for my edited collection on film dialogue and genre to January 1,
2008. I encourage you to submit proposals for any of the book’s four sections:

1. Dialogue and Genre â€" Essays will extend Sarah Kozloff’s foundational scholarship in
Overhearing Film Dialogue (UC Press 2000) through examinations of dialogue patterns in genres
not addressed in her study, especially: film noir, horror, romantic comedy, science fiction,
fantasy, action/adventure, epics, war, sports films, and musicals.

2. Multi-genre Dialogue / Dialogue Without Genre â€" Essays will address dialogue patterns that
span several genres; alternatively, essays will argue for instances of film dialogue that defy
established definitions of genre and/or constitute their own genre.

3. Dialogue, Genre, and Representation â€" Essays will theorize and provide historical overviews of
the intersections of genre and representation in the context of film dialogue. Essays might
concentrate on groups defined in terms of race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, socioeconomic
status, gender, sexuality, and other identity markers not listed above.

4. Teaching Genre Through Dialogue / Teaching Dialogue Through Genre â€" Essays will offer
innovative pedagogical models that facilitate the study of film dialogue and genre in the

Some of the current contributors to the collection are:

Emily Bauman (teen movies)
Todd Berliner (Hollywood dialogue conventions and the films of John Cassavetes)
Hye Seung Chung (Asian dialogue / "yellow accents" in Hollywood film)
Jeremy Strong (team films)
Paul Wells (animated films) 

I am especially interested in receiving proposals that address the topics of romantic comedy,
horror, war, science fiction, and hybrid genres. I am also interested in proposals that treat the
intersections of dialogue and gender, dialogue and race/ethnicity, and dialogue and sexuality.

Please send a 250-word abstract, c.v., and 100-word bio to Jeff Jaeckle (Michigan State
University): jaeckle_at_msu.edu by January 1, 2008.

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