CFP: [Film] roundtable discussion on James Landis The Sadist

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  Call for Roundtable Participants-James Landis-The Sadist

       Deadline for submission: November 15, 2006
       the 29th Annual Meeting of the
       Southwest/Texas Popular and American Culture Associations
       February 13â€"16, 2008
       Hyatt Regency Albuquerque
       Albuquerque , New Mexico

The area chairs for Trangressive Cinema are seeking participants for a
roundtable discussion on James Landis’ 1963, The Sadist. Like Terrence
Malick’s Badlands a decade later, The Sadist takes its story from real-
life mass-murdering Romeo and Juliet, Charlie Starkweather and
Caril Fugate. The Sadist also features cult actor Arch Hall Jr. (Eegah!)
as half of the homicidal couple. Along with his insane girlfriend, he
makes his way across the country picking victims at random. Three people
driving into Los Angeles for a Dodgers game have car trouble and pull off
into an old service station and junkyard for repairs. Unfortunately, this
is also where Hall has decided to come off the road, and he manipulates
and finally murdersthem just as he had the owners. This film was a major
influence on QuentinTarantino script for Oliver Stone’s 1994 film, Natural
Born Killers; the similarities are uncanny. As the inaugural film in the
Starkweather/Fugate cycle, The Sadist is a key text in a modern folktale
of a type only exceeded By the Manson murders. With striking
cinematography by Vilmos Zsigmondâ€"who wouldlater win an Oscar for his
camera workâ€"The Sadist provides a glimpse at Trangressive Cinema in its
most pure form. As a surprisingly accomplishedfilm, it is our hope that
The Sadist will provide a springboard for discussion about exploitation
cinema, mass murderers as cultural icons, and transgression as a concept,
among other related topics.


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